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  Waipio Valley
Waipio Valley is truly one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii. A very steep road leads down into the valley from a lookout point located on the top of the valley. The road drops 800 vertical feet in 0.6 miles at a 25% average grade, with steeper grades in certain sections of the road. This is a paved public road but it is open to 4 wheel drive vehicles only. The shoreline is a black sand beach, popular with local surfers. Private farms are located in the valley. Waterfall feeds the river which flows to the ocean.
  Historic Honoka`a Town
Honoka`a boasts an historic downtown district. In 1930, The Honoka`a People's Theatre was built on M¨ˇmane Street by the Tanimoto family. Many of the historic buildings have been preserved, giving Honoka`a Town a rich feeling of history and culture. In 2008 Japanese film company filmed the movie Honoka`a Boy that put this small historic town on the map. Based on the novel of a true story of a Japanese boy living in Honoka`a.
  Honoka`a People's Theatre
Enjoy local entertainment within walking distance from the Hotel. Local live performers plus lots of movies will keep you entertained during your stay. Honoka`a People's Theatre is located in a Historic Building with old movie projectors and photos in the lobby. It is a step back in time that will enrich your vacation experience.
  Botanical World Adventures - Zipline - Segway - Gardens - Maze - Waterfalls
Enjoy the experience of a lifetime as you zipline over some of the world’s most spectacular Hawaii tropical scenery, Have a fun and exciting tour with seven ziplines including our number 7 tandem line where two people can race from the mountain towards the ocean. Fun for the whole family. Located 40 minutes toward Hilo town at Mile Marker 16.
  Segway at Botanical World Adventures
Segway Tours at Botanical World Adventure is a fun and enjoyable experience for all. The Segway tour starts with a training course to get everyone comfortable with riding a segway. The Segway tour includes information about tropical fruits, plants, and trees. They stop at scenic location for picture taking. Segway tours are only offered at the Botanical World Adventures location.
  Botanical Gardens and Maze at Botanical World Adventures
Learn about exotic tropical food plants such as mango, guava, papaya, pineapple, banana, breadfruit, coffee and many, many more on our horticultural tours and taste the ripe fruits from our Arboretum. Wander through our amazing Maze, the world's second-largest herbaceous maze, fun for all. Ask the front desk at Hotel Honokaa for your Free pass to the Botanical Gardens and Maze at Botanical World Adventures.
heritagecenter   Heritage Center - Honokaa
Heritage Center - community members and visitors can visit the archives and resource room containing documents, maps and photographs pertaining to H¨ˇm¨ˇkua and North Hawai'i history. Currently on display in the changing exhibit gallery is the photo exhibit "Plantation Life on Hawai'i Island". There is no entrance fee, however donations are thankfully accepted. Come and enjoy the rich history of Hamakua
  Hamakua Mushrooms
Hamakua Mushrooms are a specialty and exotic mushroom, grown in a mixture of corncob, wheat bran and grandis eucalyptus saw dust. This mixture is called substrate. Mushrooms are carefully cultivated to grow out of a bottle, a method originally developed in Japan. This growing method was chosen after traditional hand planting was found to be too time consuming.
  Vanilla Kitchen
The Hawaiian Vanilla Company was started in 1989 by the husband and wife team, Jim and Tracy Reddekopp. It was Tracy's mother, an orchid enthusiast, who suggested that they cultivate vanilla. The adventure of finding and cultivating the best vanilla beans began. The work was hard, but the results are undeniably some of the best vanilla products in the world.
  Mauna Kea Tea
Mauna Kea Tea is open to public by appointment. You can taste our seasonal teas and purchase directly at the farm. We have a small tasting room overlooking the tea fields. Please call 808-775-1171 or email us to let us know of your intent to visit because we believe that each customer deserves our full attention and to be treated as an important guest.
  Zumba - Hotel Honokaa - Monday 6pm & Thursdays 5:30pm
My classes are high-energy but very low pressure. As in I understand that everyone's bodies are different, we all look and move differently - there is no right or wrong way to do Zumba - it doesn't matter what shape, size or age you are. You can go fast, you can go slowly or anywhere in between - it doesn't matter. You will get out of it what you put into it. I can guarantee that once class is over you will be wondering where the time went and a) smiling b) sweating c) looking forward to the next class! .
Email: Call: (800) 808-0678 or (808) 775-0678
Address: 45-3480 Mamane Street, Honoka`a, Hawaii 96727